Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday in the Country

1. Barnyard Crimson, Cassandra Russell
2. Golden, Flandersfield
3. Morning Glory, Ola design

I am passionate about farms, old barns, things that grow and fields that go on forever. The only time I have found myself longing for fences is when my neighbor sprays his yard with insecticides and pesticides and all those other smelly "ides" that kill bugs and ruin perfect little ecosystems that nature has built into our yards. I would like a big fence between myself and my neighbor because I believe in growing native plants that shelter and feed native birds and bugs.

While searching for beauty on this sunny Friday, I found several pieces of art that caught my eye and reminded me of long dusty roads and barns with holes in the roof that glitter sunlight into haylofts like stars and comets on a midnight sky.

My journey brought me to Cassandra Russell and her "Barnyard Crimson" painting. A soft red roof with bare-branched trees...they make me think of morning coffee and chickens clucking at my feet with no fences or barriers to nature.

As I thought about my chickens and coffee, I discovered the image, "Golden", by Flandersfield. The picture speaks for the land, the wind, the seeds that grow.

I wandered on and I found myself meeting Ola Design and my heart quickened when I gazed at the "Morning Glory" portrait of a fellow free spirit. The wispy figure holds trees in her hair and nature in her dress. I cannot imagine a better depiction of freedom. It beckons like a siren call--keep nature in mind, wear it sweetly on your body, and forever you will be free. I would like to wear a dress just like that and walk through my wildflowers on a rainy day.

May this Friday in the Country remind you of quiet fields filled with life, old barns that house the ghosts of working families and most of all, may it remind you to dance with nature when the human race demands a less graceful pace.


  1. I really like the lower painting. It speaks to me. It's a great depiction of "mother nature" in my eyes.

  2. These are some very charming images! I'm so glad you guys know how to enjoy your land. I think your neighbor just likes the steril look :)

  3. Thanks for posting my Barnyard Crimson pic as a favorite.
    Cheers, Cassandra