Monday, April 20, 2009

Magical Monday

1. Wire-Wrapped Glass Necklace, Gaged Jewelry
2. Fruit Bowl, Down to Earth Folks
3. Venice Italy, Fine Art Lomo Print, Scarlet Beautiful
4. Titanium with Mokume Gane inlay and Damascus with stone - Wedding Set , Jewelry by Johan

Welcome to this Magical Monday! It's a little late in the day but there's always time for magic. Take a look at these gorgeous handmade pieces from several of the artists at Etsy.

My eyes were caught by the stunning work of Gaged Jewelry. The necklace speaks of the green earth entwined with mankind. I can't resist a terrific piece of jewelry.

The second image, bright oranges complemented by cool blue, boasts the pottery of Down to Earth Folks. The rustic design brings cabins and forests and quiet glades to mind.

I've always loved Venice from afar and someday I'll find myself in that watery city. For now, Scarlet Beautiful has given me a chance to enjoy the cityscape: aquamarine tones and sunburnt tiles on lofty rooftops. I can feel the breeze laden with moisture and the heat from the midday sun.

And last but not least, Jewelry by Johan. Timeless Titanium with swirls and color, the very essence of eternity.
The photo itself is art, the jewelry a masterpiece.


  1. Hey Christiana, check out there's a whole heap of crafty ideas on there, and a great community of people getting into Handmade and Etsy stuff there. I love it, and I love your ideas too!


  2. Sammie-Girl!! Thank you for the web address. I'll definitely check them out. So good to hear from you (: I miss my ladies from down'unda

  3. I think your ideas are AWESOME Christiana and I hope your business is a success.

    I'll be checking back to your blog often. :)