Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday

1. Fairy Doors, Nothin But Wood
2. Beach Days-Genuine Sea Glass Keepsake Locket, Sea Find Design

It's rain and clouds, cold and windy. Oh Wednesday, turn me around, turn me around. During my search for beauty, and that elusive season of spring, I found Nothin But Wood and Sea Find Design on Etsy and the sun found its way into my home.

The Fairy Doors are enchanting, nostalgic--born of magic and wistful afternoons. I would like to take my index finger and thumb and gently knock on that tree. What sprite would appear, I wonder? Would they invite me in for tea and biscuits? This garden-treat is a dainty reminder to live, let live, and find a way to believe in fairies, even for a moment.

As fairy doors and gardens filled my mind during this journey to beauty, I immediately fell in love with an exquisite piece of jewelry at Sea Find Design. In the heart of this locket is a piece of sea glass that confesses to centuries of waves and sun and sand. Smoothed by the tempest, rolled by the spirit, this necklace celebrates freedom as wide as the ocean and as unfathomable as a dream. Breathtaking.

I hope all of you find yourself in the middle of a rainy day. Then, at that critical moment when you're looking for sunshine, you're lucky enough to discover summer beauty.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thistledown Thursday

I love the moment when thistle turns into thistledown. Nature makes sure that the thistle flower will outlast the herbivores. Evolution provided the purple flower with spiky leaves and a thorny exterior but when the flower turns into a puff, the seeds are available for small birds, namely the goldfinch.

But what I like most about thistledown is that something so soft and dreamy can perch itself on top of a thorny stalk. I see a similarity in my own life when I'm looking at the beginning of the week. Monday is thorny and full of question--will this week be busy and crazy and hectic with barely enough time to breathe? It usually starts out that way. But when I hit Thursday, the world softens. The breezes feel warmer, the stars are brighter, there's a whisper that soon, very soon, there will be time to sip my coffee and contemplate my toes as they prop themselves on an old log next to a bubbling creek. Saturday, nature whispers through the thistledown, Saturday will soon be here. And when the day arrives, the thorny side of Monday completely disappears and I'm enveloped in something soft and dreamy, perched on a stalk of green.

Happy Thistledown Thursday to all of you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

And the Adventure Commences!

I have long dreamed of starting my own business. I've worked on a freelance writing career for the past five years and while it has definite ups (and definite downs), I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. While dabbling in the world of writing, I've realized two things. First, writing is my passion. Second, I need an artistic outlet to rest my mind when I'm not writing.

I've searched for many different ways to express my artistic side. I've painted with watercolors but I truly believe I'll only be mediocre for the rest of my life (and I'm okay with that). I've tried photography but I see the masters of photography and I put my pictures on facebook and leave things well enough alone.

So, on a gray day without planning on a hobby to become a future, I discovered the joy of making signs. It's ironic that my signs include words and words are my living. I guess we can't actually run from ourselves or the work we love.

With all of this in mind, I've begun the adventure with Chickadee Chic. Chickadee Chic is my little Etsy shop. The grand opening will be April 27, 2009 and I am really excited to begin. Through my Blog, I would like to share the tradition of handmade items and to remember the quality that our great-grandparents most likely enjoyed; I would like everyone who reads my Blog to be enveloped in beauty and all the lovely things this world has to offer; and above all else, I would like to connect with people who are like-minded. When it comes right down to it, the time we have here on earth is short. I would like to spend mine in the pursuit of beauty and the pursuit of compassion. How would you like to spend your time?

Magical Monday

1. Wire-Wrapped Glass Necklace, Gaged Jewelry
2. Fruit Bowl, Down to Earth Folks
3. Venice Italy, Fine Art Lomo Print, Scarlet Beautiful
4. Titanium with Mokume Gane inlay and Damascus with stone - Wedding Set , Jewelry by Johan

Welcome to this Magical Monday! It's a little late in the day but there's always time for magic. Take a look at these gorgeous handmade pieces from several of the artists at Etsy.

My eyes were caught by the stunning work of Gaged Jewelry. The necklace speaks of the green earth entwined with mankind. I can't resist a terrific piece of jewelry.

The second image, bright oranges complemented by cool blue, boasts the pottery of Down to Earth Folks. The rustic design brings cabins and forests and quiet glades to mind.

I've always loved Venice from afar and someday I'll find myself in that watery city. For now, Scarlet Beautiful has given me a chance to enjoy the cityscape: aquamarine tones and sunburnt tiles on lofty rooftops. I can feel the breeze laden with moisture and the heat from the midday sun.

And last but not least, Jewelry by Johan. Timeless Titanium with swirls and color, the very essence of eternity.
The photo itself is art, the jewelry a masterpiece.